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Ankabanka Art Consultency !

In short, art consultants are like art financial planners and private bankers. But it is just that, it sounds like an art expert investor. Art work has the property of having figures as well as numbers like coins and it is also possible to provide expertise on not only money but also the art itself which is the essence of fine arts like curators of art museums as art consultants It is an important task.

In other words, an art consultant is a "consultant of art system" which has high expertise on art in general and can make a multifaceted proposal from the customer's perspective..

New Service:
Office event photo Documentation

1 Photographer at short event or any documentation need  
Number of Pictures: Unlimited (30 post processed)
Deliverable is JPG format Image
** On location or next day delivery of 2/3 selected image for PR.
4000.00 BDT for 2 hour session.

Graphic Design


Event Managment

Multimedia Content